I think using words precisely is important in many cases. Not so much in text messages where LOLs and IMOs are used to save time but in conveying ideas in a more formal manner. The problem is it takes time and effort to do so. This is a blog of me dedicating some time and effort in attempting to understanding 3 words.

An Adventure, Journey, or Pilgrimage?

Before I started and in the beginning, I called my travels an adventure or journey. And both nouns get the point across but the word pilgrimage conveys a more precise meaning of my travels.

Adventure is a word used when fun or thrill is one of the main purposes. It’s a word defined as, “an undertaking usually involving risk and unknown dangers” by Websters dictionary. It’s a word that can be used when you are in known and unknown territory. And it does not necessarily convey travel.

Journey is a word used to convey travel. It’s a word defined as, “something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another”, by Webster dictionary. It’s a word that suggests the traveler is in or bound for unknown territory. It’s a word that does not necessarily convey a desire to learn more about oneself. 

Pilgrimage is a word used to convey travel and a desire to learn more about oneself. It’s a word defined as, “a journey of a pilgrim especially to a shrine or sacred place”, and pilgrim is defined as, “a person who journeys in foreign lands”, by Webster dictionary. It’s a word that implies a spiritual or religious aspect to someone’s travels. And that is partly what I want to convey, despite not being bound for a famous sacred place or being religious. I want to convey that my traveling is not just an adventure nor is it just a journey but more importantly, it is about learning more about me and other people. It is about better understanding life. And that is spiritual. So, there it is. I am on a pilgrimage

I’ve been on a cycling journey before and my mentality was different from the pilgrimage I am on now. The journey was more about getting from “A” to “B” in a short time. I was focused on speed. This pilgrimage is different because I have nowhere to be, other than heading in the general southern direction. I have no commitments; I am free to think without typically “life-stressors. I can devote my limited energy to learning more about myself and people. Learn more about what Keenvilleco blogs here.