Keenville & Company LLC was started in September of 2023 by Adam Keen, a traveler and an economics graduate from Temple University, Japan Campus. Keenville & Company LLC precedes the closing of his previous eBay retail business a year earlier which was also called Keenville & Company LLC. “I can’t say I loved owning an eBay store that was stocked with products that had no rhyme or reason; It was a lot of work sorting through pallets and creating a listing for each one-off product.” Later, Adam would unintentionally find himself back in eCommerce but this time with his own brand and products, and business and eCommerce experience. While launching his business a friend saw the website of his product and wanted one for his own business. Adam gathered that he was good at building websites and graphic design thus he opened a new branch at Keenville & Company LLC. Find out more about his website and design services here.


Adam W. Keen

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“I aim that my passion is obvious in everything I do” – Keen

Hey, my name is Adam. I’m a small guy surrounded by big people and I can be a quiet observer in a complicated world. I have limited time, resources, health, and capabilities, like us all, but I’m trying to do my best to maximize what I have. Born into a loving middle-class Christian family in Derby, Kansas, USA, I’ve had what people across the world can only dream about, loving and financially well-off parents and over 18 years of exceptional education. I do not earn these things based on my own merits (i.e. birth-parents, birthplace, nationality, race, ect.) and for that I am lucky. Now, it is my responsibility to make something of myself, to take all that I’ve been given and excel.

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The Pilgrimage

Then, he got the idea to bike to Argentina. So, he sold what remained in his inventory in a garage sale, and started off on a life-changing path. As of early 2023, he has made it as far south as the southern border of Colombia.

Keen is still on a mission to reach southern Argentina with his bicycle and 55L hiking backpack. Although, he says it’s just taking way longer than expected, especially since he started Keenville & Company LLC. But he says he looks forward to continuing his pilgrimage to learn more about himself, people, and what people do. Stay tuned.